Under Review

EP Island


Off White House

by James Olson

EP Island - Sweetish_cover

EP Island hearkens back to the new wave/goth era on their new EP, Sweet’ish. LL Schultz and Melanie Covey, with the help of guest performer Sarah Jane Truman have created a moody and melancholic collection of songs that give many nods to the likes of Joy Division, the Smiths, and the Cure. The clear influences thankfully do not impede the enjoyment to be had from this latest offering from Vancouver’s very own “non-band.”

The vocal interplay between Truman and Schultz add a powerful emotional weight to both “The Engine Cleaner” and “No Royal Wedding.” The chorus of the latter packs a distorted punch akin to one of the Smashing Pumpkins’ more gothic numbers. The listener can practically hear the vibrant creative process at work throughout this entertaining, yet all too brief listen. It might go against EP Island’s artistic ethos, but, with collaborations as awesome as these, they should just write a whole album of material.