Under Review

Chains of Love

“Breaking My Heart” / “In Between”
(Dine Alone)

by Slavko Bucifal

Chains of Love - In Between

Chains of Love, the brainchild of local producer Felix Fung, is a five-piece of talented musicians that celebrate the soul singers of the ’70s with a modern garage feel. Following last spring’s “You Got It” / “Black Hearts” single, the band has given us another two-song EP that continues their tradition of crafting super catchy melodies. Their sound teeters on the edge of nostalgia, while still producing a modern lo-fi groove that satisfies both the bedlam palette and the tooth constantly in search of sugary hooks.

“In Between” steals the show with an ultra-catchy chorus and a crescendo of ba da da das that incite a spontaneous sing-along opportunity, which is a bit surprising considering the song speaks of heartbreak and loss. Regardless of the lyrical content, the rather cheerful mood of the band is simply contagious as they forge a soul-sister-meets-surf-sex vibe. The urge to include this track on every playlist is hard to resist.

“Breaking My Heart” is another stellar track. While it shares a similar lyrical theme, the song explores different musical territory, conjuring images of great spy movies from the ’70s with its groovy bass line that is played on a seemingly endless loop. The vocal treatments by Nathalia Pizzaro and Rebecca Marie Law Grey leave a welcomed smokey-sugary residue and the whole package comes together in a seemingly effortless manner.

There is one major complaint with this latest release and their previous two songs (which are equally impressive); enough with the teasers, when does the full-length come out?