Under Review

Boogie Monster

Zechimechi (Needs More RAM)

Review By Mark PaulHus

boogie monsterLadies and gentlemen, children of all ages! You’ve read legends of the Big Foot, you’ve seen pictures of the Loch Ness monster, but have you ever heard the carnal howl of the Boogie Monster? Come this way one and all, step inside Zechimechi and succumb to the infamous beast with its furry coat and gnashing teeth. Watch as the Boogie Monster takes a pile of instruments and throws them into a blender, gleefully switching the speeds from pulse, to grind, to crush—somehow blending everything into a thick melody.

Hold on as the Boogie Monster flies through 11 tracks like a Kansas whirlwind, sucking up everyone in its path and taking them to a beyond place (and they said tornados don’t happen in Vancouver). Go ahead and try not to get lost in the infectious cacophony of Zechimechi, a mirrored maze of buzzing guitars, looping melodies and blasting beats. It is the soundtrack to a chaotic circus where Dr. Frankenstein is the ring master and Willy Wonka is the organ grinder.

Dance monkeys dance! The Boogie Monster is big and scary and loud and hilarious. The Boogie Monster is the life of the party! (Whew, 200 words about Boogie Monster without an obvious reference to Lightning Bolt!—err—oops).