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Bedouin Soundclash

Light the Horizon (Dine Alone Records)

Review By Farah Tozy

Brutal Hearts
Is this album reggae? Is this album alternative? Is this album ska? Light the Horizons provides an equal amount of all three genres that Bedouin Soundclash is known for. With vocalist and guitarist Jay Malinowski, bassist Eon Sinclair and drummer Sekou Lumamba, Light the Horizon is the newest creation by the Toronto-based band.

The hit “Mountain Top” has already topped local charts. The track starts the album off in a fast pace, with the amazing duo of guitar riffs and optimistic lyrics. A few tracks later, the talented Canadian singer Coeur de Pirate is featured singing in a duet with Jay Malinowski in the astounding track “Brutal Hearts.” Their voices creating a harmonious sound with the added touch of unique instruments in the background. The song “Elongo,” by far the warmest song in the album, brings upon a tingly feeling as you chant the catchy lyrics.

“No One Moves, No One Gets Hurt” is the calmest, most romantic serenade. Perhaps a suitable song to play this Friday night while studying for that big exam. “A Chance of Rain” has the classic Bedouin Soundclash reggae sound. And finally, the song “Follow the Sun” provides the ska, mellow feel Bedouin Soundclash is famous for. The reggae-alternative-ska band succeeds again in providing another unique and skillfully put together album.