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Collapsing Opposites

In Time


Claire Dickson

Collapsing Opposites - In Time
Collapsing Opposites - In Time
Collapsing Opposites is a Vancouver original with an unforgettable band name, and an even more unforgettable sound.This local indie pop-rock group started as a one-man band, but over the years it has rotated through nearly a dozen members, slowly becoming something of an artist’s collective.

Their newest record In Time has a funky, nostalgic flashback feel, all the while remaining current, fresh and playful. The album artwork, also a Collapsing Opposites original, is a creative 2-D collage depicting life in an artistic community. While they may craft their art according to simple aesthetics, their music is refreshingly unpretentious and reminiscent of childhood.

One standout tune is “Diamond Mind,” the record’s opening track, which promises quirky surprises to follow. Overall, the album is fun and certainly catchy. After listening to it a few times, their unique pop sound and intelligent lyrics will stick in your brain.