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Swan Lake

Beast Moans

Scratch Recordings

Review By Jordie Sparkle

It must have been an interesting process for three of Western Canada’s most distinct musical minds to come together to create Beast Moans. In doing so, Spencer Krug, Dan Bejar and Carey Mercer have crafted an album in which the unique styles of each musician are obviously recognizable. Each song was essentially written by one of the members, and as a result the album flows almost like a mix of b-sides from their respective catalogues. In their efforts to forge a new Swan Lake sound, these three indie giants have created watered-down versions of their individual aesthetics.
This album had so much potential, but despite other opinions printed in this publication, I can’t help but be disappointed by the inability of these brilliant artists to come together and make something at least as good as one of their individual records. It really pains me to put this into words, as I have the utmost respect for each of these individuals, and I feel like I am letting them down in some way by not liking what in theory should be one of the best albums of the year. This album may come as a let down to those who were drooling over this release, but it still holds merit for the true fan, and it even has a few gems hiding under its veneer of overall mediocrity.