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Review By Julie Okot Bitek

Atlantis is K-Os’ third album, and it plays like a celebration. Right from the first song, “Electrik Heat”, you are hauled into adventure and curiosity. K-Os evokes the eighties with a combination of Motown, rap, rockabilly and rock. “Electrik Heat” is playfully done rap that takes you back to the days of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”. The rest of the album features a wide variety of styles, proving that K-Os is not afraid to experiment. On “Equalizer”, he sings, “this rap’s not afraid to try the mo’s.” Through his nostalgic-sounding ballads, the Torontonian MC weaves lyrics with a storytelling rap style that keeps you engaged and entertained.

This is my favourite of K-Os’ albums. There is definite growth and a sense of increasing confidence—he no longer relies catchy repetitive bits to replay in your mind for eternity. Each song is independently in a world of its own, all grown up. But even with the various styles, you get the sense that he is not trying to please you, but is more concerned with simply having a good time throughout. My favourite song is “Valhala”, featuring Sam Roberts: “If you can’t dance to this it doesn’t matter” somehow evolves into “Warrior’s blood runs red through the eyes of the dead.” While these lines may leave you baffled, K-Os has you in his hands, and somehow it works.