Cursed Two

Goodfellow Records

Police are called to the scene of a “domestic disturbance” where witnesses were said to have heard “ungodly screams, followed by deafening roars like nothing I’ve ever experienced.” Upon entering the house in question, officers found a man splayed on the floor, arms akimbo, almost as if he were shielding himself from some impending blow, blood trickling from his right ear. With no signs of forced entry and no visible weapon in sight, the officers were drawn toward the bedroom where what sounded like the apocalypse was emanating from behind the partially unhinged, paint-chipped door. Scouring the room for evidence of a struggle, the officers spied a CD cover from the band Cursed displayed on the stereo, with a demonic visage paralyzing the officers’ gaze for a brief moment, but as they passed over it, it was already too late. As the eruption of guitars roaring, drums pounding and bass rumbling in an unparalleled fury swept over the room with a metallic vengeance, there was no escape. The officers barely made it out with their sanity intact, and the coroner was later quoted as saying, “A suicide note set to music was what killed this tortured soul.” Soon after, other reports of Cursed and their destructive impulse had been reported in cities across the country. Scientists, intelligentsia and other pundits were calling it an “…epidemic where no one is safe. God help us all.”

[This review was found scrawled on the walls of his office, in blood. Bryce has not been seen for several weeks. If you know of his whereabouts, please contact DiSCORDER Magazine.]