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Slam Dunk

The Shivers

Old Life

Review By Tony Kess

Feral Child
The Shivers, the new release by Victoria four-piece and CiTR chart favourite Slam Dunk, isn’t actually all that new—it’s a collection of the previously released bonus tracks from their self-titled seven-inch debut on Old Life Records with two new tracks added. The repackaging of old material aside, why mess with a good thing? On The Shivers, Slam Dunk avoids the frequent shortcoming of a lot of garage rock bands—engaging in concert, yet dull on record. That this record slays almost as hard on my shitty laptop speakers as Slam Dunk does in a live venue is a testament to the quality of the recording. They’re undoubtedly one of the most fun bands to see, and the price of admission usually comes with a free burrito or two (really).

The Shivers is ten songs of expertly crafted garage rock, heavy with hooks and sing-along choruses. Within the album, “Do The Slam Dunk” stands out as it is addictively catchy. Meanwhile “Ratcatcher,” a newer track, shows that the band is capable of doing more than just tearing through fast and fun rock tracks. The album is set to release on vinyl on March 3. Until then, all the tracks are available for free download through BandCamp.