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Buke & Gass

Riposte (Brassland)

Review By Tony Kess

Medulla Oblongata
I should probably start by pointing out that Buke & Gass make their own instruments and that the duo has taken their name from the musical chimeras that they play—seeing as how everyone else who writes of Buke & Gass begins by stating the same. But that’s a cheap and useless fact about the band—you can’t really tell that these are unique, homemade instruments. Riposte, their latest full length offering, sounds like a twangy, high-tension prog-punk record with mesmerizing vocals. The homemade instruments are a forgettable detail compared to Arone Dyer’s vocal range and ability to belt out engaging choruses while miming the style of a host of ’90s female vocalists. Capable of sounding like everyone from PJ Harvey to Liz Phair, Dyer’s singing is the focal point throughout Riposte, and it proves to be the driving force behind the best tracks of the album, opener “Medulla Oblongota” and the neurotic “Bundletuck.” Riposte doesn’t really sound like many other records being released right now, and while this uniqueness could be attributed to some wacky instruments, it’s the duo’s creativity in songwriting and a powerful set of pipes that really make Buke & Gass stand out.