Real Live Action

Falcao and Monashee, Fine Mist


Pat’s Pub; January 15, 2009

Review By Stacy Thomas

You know how you get a bunch of kids together these days, and it’s impossible to get them to move, or do anything? This show was not like that. Fine Mist were amazing. The members, Jay Arner and Megan McDonald appear to be a couple, and once were, but are no longer involved beyond their musical partnership. They emitted a ‘70s version of futuristic sound as they sang sweet melodies to each other. The spacey, dreamy, dancey synthesizer sounds got everybody moving. Fine Mist’s female half was entrancing. I could write an entire article about her teal vintage dress.

The next set was from Falcao and Monashee, a two person band from Nelson. A furry man played the drums while his girlfriend rocked out on a selection of folky instruments, creating an epic, gothy sound which brought to mind the Cure or Joy Division. A complete surprise. They told me their songs are meant to be uplifting messages of positivity in the world, but I found myself thinking about the end of man and the wars of the Romans as I listened to them play.

I should mention the first act, which I missed. But it elicited some real life gushing from a real live cute girl, who described Chris-A-Rific and Alison Therriault’s show as “a tidal wave of love.” She said that. She really did.