Black Mountain

s/t (Scratch)

Finally! After first experiencing Jerk With a Bomb, then The Pink Mountaintops, we are all blessed with the wonder that is Black Mountain. Stephen McBean is the voice behind all of the action, and while there are similarities in all three bands, Black Mountain’s self-titled album is an entity on its own. Sprawling 60’s and 70’s nostalgia may openly display some of the band’s influences (Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground), but there is still something new and fresh in their song structures. Typical chorus-verse-chorus songs are given new life by blending sounds overtop one another. Guitars coalesce with horns, and vintage pianos; and Amber Webber’s soft vocals float perfectly overtop McBean’s bluesy delivery. The buzz surrounding this band is huge, and my guess is this is going to be the west coasts answer to Montreal’s Arcade Fire so make sure to pick up this local debut before they get signed to Warner records and totally change their sound (a la Hot Hot Heat).