Balacade (And The Sunbeam Tigers)

The Sunbeam Tigers (The Deer Records)

The Sunbeam Tigers takes this Vancouver artist from his acoustic guitar-based, Eliot Smith-like beginnings into a more experimental phase in his recording career. Both organ and drum parts are integrated much more effectively in this, Balacade’s, (correct us if we’re wrong) fifth release to date. The Sunbeam Tigers join Balacade (usually a solo flyer) on more tracks than have ever previously been recorded as group projects. The record’s cover is reflective of it’s inner musings, taking on a lighter, more peaceful tone than Balacade’s previous offspring; his youngest child promises to be a congenial one. The frustration present in earlier releases has subsided as he and The Sunbeam Tigers take on a more introspective tone; contemplation winds its way through all 12 diverse and melodic tracks. This record is something we’d never be ashamed to say we’d listened to countless times on repeat (unlike, say, “Drop it Like It’s Hot”). This stellar EP belongs in the CD players of people like us; of coastline highway drivers, of sunny day bus passengers, and people who contemplate their navels all too often.