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Piedmont Sorpid



Review by Jay Douoillard

Piedmont Sorpid

In the snow-covered mountain tops of the southern Slocan, you might find Piedmont Sorpid. Residing in some sort of lonely shack, cursing as the gas powered generator gives out under the stress of his electronic this and thats. Giving the generator a kick and a slap, Piedmont Sorpid continues to make some electro-acoustic noise and beats. I picture sweat pants, yes I believe Piedmont Sorpid wears sweat pants. His music is good, too. I think that people who wear sweat pants around the house eventually break down, and run a quick out-of-house errand without removing them. These people who claim that they are comfortable slowly become the people with sweat pants and fanny packs at your local shopping center, but hey, there is nothing wrong with that.

jay douillard