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Lovage and No Luck Club


Richard's on Richards; January 10, 2002

Review By Naben Ruthnum

Thursday, January 10
Richard’s on Richards
Everyone Has A Summer
I really don’t think that Lovage’s music is appropriate for dancing. Unless it’s the close-quarters, soulful-gaze type of dancing that is a traditional precursor to a far more interesting variety of bodily gyrations. Nevertheless, the kids were writhing and twisting away on the floor, not appreciating that it was lovemaking music they were hearing.

The night started with some music of a more danceable variety, courtesy of No Luck Club’s able turntable work. After about an hour of that and a long between-sets pause, Lovage finally took the stage at the midnight hour. This band fills the void left by Serge Gainsbourg with such able musicians as Dan the Automator, Mike Patton, Kid Koala, and Jennifer Charles. The costumes were great; stiletto heels and smoking jackets making the stage seem like some fabled backroom of the Playboy mansion’s pre-silicone heyday. Both vocalists were in excellent form; Charles keeping her singing throaty and textured while Patton shuffled through his usual repertoire of musical tricks. The scratching was flawless, of course. Each of the members maintained their sexy stage persona admirably, except the strangely flavorless bass player who didn’t seem to have a persona. Just a joint, a baseball cap, and some solid playing.
Highlights included Patton raffling off a massive sausage, a display of foot fetishism, the guitarist in leopard print underwear, and lots of spanking. The comedic climax of the evening was a masterful cover of J. Lo and Ja Rule’s “I’m Real.” But with such excellent and diverse musicians on stage, comedy was the least of the evening’s rewards. I hope Lovage continues on with more albums and more tours, but I have the feeling that it was just a one-time project.

Naben Ruthnum