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Gold Chains

Gold Chains

Orthlorng Musork

Review by Tobias V

Gold Chains
(Orthlorng Musork)

This album was produced and mastered by dub techno master Joshua Kit Clayton and put out on his label Orthlorng Musork. The words and music are by Topher Lafata, and the project sounds like—how can I explain it… it’s like this: you’re a white boy cruising the neighbourhood in a Ford Tempo with a broken antenna, with a stock stereo and with this odd combination of bad rap with bad lyrics (yet oh so bad that they are oh so good) not boomin’ but fuzzing out your speakers. This is like anti-rap rap music that has been really well produced, making you wonder if 1. The Entire Thing Is A Joke or 2. The Entire Thing Is A Conceptual Art Project or 3. The Entire Thing Is Just Plain Weird—which is exactly where it should be: this is Orthlorng Musork, and it is good to know that they are so consistently releasing music that so categorically denies categorization, nevertheless good quality, produced musical projects that blow the mind and the ears with a sense of humour: this is like taking Kid606 or Cex and packing them full of nails.

tobias v