Under Review

Damien Jurado

I Break Chairs

Sub Pop

Jay Douoillard

I Break Chairs
(Sub Pop)

Well, Damien Jurado has put out a new album. When I placed the CD in my car stereo I was taken a bit back. Damien has gone quite rock. The introduction track “Paperwings” is full of overdriven electric guitar. It was a sort of Pete Seeger to his Bob Dylan. So I skipped the track, and mumbled “what the hell?” “Dancing,” the second track, had the same buzzy guitar, but it sort of started to warm on me. By the third song I found myself humming along. Damn it, I think I like it. By this time “Inevitable” took stage and I was sort of hooked.

Damien found my soft spot again, I’m too much of a sucker for a nice melody and a pretty voice. It was all downhill from here, I had to like the album. There is even a nice glockenspiel on one song. Give in, you know you want to.

jay douillard