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Capozzi Park

The Record of Capozzi Park (Independent)

Review By Christa Min

The Record of Capozzi Park

Mark Szabo can write a great song. A thousand times better than other (former) local Dan Bejar. A thousand. But, unlike Destroyer, Szabo doesn’t get much attention. It’s because Mark’s a weirdo. He plays his guitar upside-down. He plays a right-handed guitar left-handed. So he strums towards his belly. It’s like singing into a microphone while standing on your head. And his custom-made electric guitar is square. Okay, it’s more of a rectangle. A rectangular box.
Szabo plays purposely shitty, too. Well, I don’t know if it’s on purpose, and really, it’s not shitty, but it’ll sound that way to you at first––slightly out of time, clumsy picking––so Capozzi Park sounds messy. But you have to listen. Every song (except for “Max2000” which sounds like a medley of jam sessions turned into 34 minutes of death [much like “Recurring Dreams” (I don’t have a whole afternoon to waste [or the patience (not that I have any of that)])]) on The Record of Capozzi Park is a diamond covered in charcoal.

If it weren’t for the annoying keyboards from outer space, and if Szabo’s guitar sounded more like it had some testicles, I could call this album great.

Christa Min