Under Review

Keep Tidy

Basement Mold

Taco Beach Records

Review By Mark Paulhus

Keep Tidy’s introductory release, Basement Mold, consists of seven songs full of tumbling bass lines, Tommy Gun beats, punchy guitar riffs and female vocals blending Karen O-swagger with Kathleen Hanna-style conviction. The whole thing clocks in at eight minutes. Tidy indeed! Shmoo Ritchie, Kyle Huck, Brett Threats and Dustin John Bromley are here to remind us that true hardcore is still alive in the city that gave the genre its name. Basement Mold is furious fun; “DFDKF” will have you swirling and slamming around your living room, “Hit the Ground Running” will have you doing acid drops off the kitchen counter, and by the time “Plate Glass” is over, you’ll have hacked the sleeves off your jean jacket and set out into the night to checking every East Van basement in hopes that Keep Tidy might be there. Basement Mold is the perfect soundtrack for a punk rock summer. Staying true to the d.i.y. spirit, the band is giving the mini-album away for free—download it from their Bandcamp site now and get rad!