Under Review

Good Lovelies

Let The Rain Fall


Review By Andy Resto

Slap on a nice, ear-to-ear grin and joyfully skip and frolic through the parks of Vancouver singing pretty indie-folk songs, but don’t do it alone – bring along your two friends so that you can all sing in unison. For the Good Lovelies, this is essential. It’s their niche; it’s their sound. But three-minute folk tunes sung by three cute girls with cute voices can only go so far. “Best I Know” and “Every Little Thing” were the tracks that stood out on a first run-through. “Best I Know” is a nice track tinged with sadness, or at least seriousness, while still blending well with the record; this could be a positive direction for the group to go in, in order to tone down their peppiness. “Lonesome Hearts” and “Crabbuckit” also show a bit of innovation, with both attempting a throwback sound. “Lonesome Hearts” trots along with horns sounding as if they were being pumped out of your grandparents’ phonograph, while “Crabbuckit” gives off the vibe of an old jazz, hipster club from the ’40s or ’50s preparing for a poetry slam.

One odd occurrence was the chorus of the closing track, “Mrs. T.” which is sung in French. There were no real warnings for this, but I guess it’s a logical development – there is no room for the rough and serious tongue of German or Russian here.