Real Live Action


February 19 @ Biltmore Cabaret

Review By Gavin Reid

Yacht would like people to know that they are not a cult. Navigating through waters of spiritual mystery, symbolism, paranormal activity, life and death, Yacht are enamored with the idea of a secret society, but are also willing to include and accept with open arms all who wish to join. But remember, Yacht is not a cult. Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans recorded See Mystery Lights on a spirit altering journey to the deserts of Marfa, Texas, home of the titular light phenomenon. Cascading through the nine tracks off Lights, Yacht mesmerized onlookers into an orchestrated hysteria that lasted throughout the evening.

Beginning with the plodding and momentous “Ring The Bell,” the discussion was introduced: “So I ask you will we go to heaven or will we go to hell / It’s my understanding that neither is real.” In “The Afterlife,” the deep thoughts and good times raged on, the chants and reverberations further engulfing the flock. The highlight on the album and at this show was Yacht’s smooth and sexy homage to auto-tune, “I’m In Love With A Ripper.” Notwithstanding the creative construct of the Yacht culture, this track is evidence of the pair’s ability to produce a quality pop record. With their acclaimed hit “Psychic City,” the intensity of the set reached its crescendo—soon after, with a drop of the mic, a mighty collapse and a resurrecting beer-shot to the face, Yacht brought us all back to the shoreline with the collective belief that we’d all been given membership to a musical experience like no other.