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Fin Du Monophone

Self Righteous Records

Review By Amy Scott-Samuel

When glancing over the track list of Fin Du Monophone, one might wonder if this band are the genuine folk-punk-pop article, and not the toilet wall ramblings of some drunken emo-rock kid. From the opener, “Are We Gonna Die” through to the finale, “We’re Not All Gonna Die,” MeatDraw convey a strong disposition for the socially inept and the mentally collapsed, for eerie ghost towns, black magic and the ever encroaching apocalypse. And yet, should you get your mitts on a copy of Fin Du Monophone, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the band’s genuine exuberance, warmth and positively infectious energy. With a larger than life cast and an unmistakable big band sound and feel, MeatDraw are certainly living up to their carnivalesque moniker. Just as the musicians of MeatDraw are likened to a zombie army of freaks and gypsies, so too can the host of shifty and menacing undesirables, so deftly depicted in the lyrical tales of Fin Du Monophone. Mix this strange and cantankerous gang of misfits with a heavy dosing of Page France cuteness, a light sprinkling of Herman Düne’s Parisian twang, a spattering of the Unicorns indie-pop stylings and a splash of Win Butler vocals. Then add in a full bodied chorus of merry singers, a few shavings of punchy show tunes, a zest of bleating horns, accordion and strumming ukulele, and you have a most generous and succulent serving of MeatDraw.