Under Review


Escape Through the Trees

Drip Audio

Nate Pike

Produced by Jesse Gander, Escape Through The Trees is Copilots second release and their debut on Drip Audio. Tightly wound but coolly played, the music is warm in quality and catchy in its immediacy. The songs are a complex stream of conscious meditations that will keep the listener locked in and excited by the individual dynamics of the band coming together as a whole. One minute you’re rocking out like a crazy person and the next you’re losing yourself in a sea of Chad MacQuarrie’s guitar textures. Then you might find yourself coasting on Skye Brookes’ world-weary and sensitive lyricism backed by Karma Sohn’s sweet voice and piano, as bassist Pete Schmidt and drummer Dylan Smith keep excellent time.

Powerful in punch and huge in sound, Escape Through The Trees contains a less abstract approach than their debut, with lyrics that focus on human nature, consciousness and wilderness, but still leave room for interpretation. Brimming with confidence and talent, but still with plenty of room to grow, Copilots have made a self-assured and strong sophomore album that should not go unnoticed.