Real Live Action

Fake Shark, Real zombie!


Seylynn Hal; March 17, 2007

Review By Sarah Fischer

I returned for the first time in around a year to the little popularity contest they call Seylynn Hall to see one of the only bands that could drag me back there, Fake Shark – Real Zombie! They always put on a colourful and extremely entertaining show, but on this night in particular they poured all their energy into one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long while. Sporting a new bassist who thrashed and danced his way through the entire set, they were tighter than ever. Vocalist Kevin Maher always grabs the crowd and holds their attention, and he didn’t disappoint. His stage antics are a little loopy and were clumsily complimented by guitarist Louis Wu’s acrobatics. At one point in the middle of the show Wu climbed up onto a platform above drummer Malcolm Holt, and jumped clear over him. It was dangerous, and it was totally rock ‘n’ roll.

For the first time in what seems like forever, kids danced like clapping monkeys in a blender without caring what they looked like or who saw them. FSRZ killed it. Their sound is fresh, unlike anything out there right now. Check out Fake Shark at the Lamplighter on the 31st before they leave for an international tour—you won’t be disappointed.