Under Review


Alone, Not Alone

Carpark/ gooom disques

Review By Chris Walters

Amy Milan, the wonderful voice of the Canadian indie-pop sensation Stars, graces us with her vocals on a few select tracks of sprawling French techno-pop. Ahhh yes—I think that is all I really have to say. However, there is much more to this beautiful album than my secret love. In fact Alone, Not Alone is the beginning of a new onslaught of revivalist French musique. Not as full as its contemporaries and label mates M83, Montag build upon layers of blips and soft but not overbearing synthesized noise. Delicate vocals lightly add to the atmosphere of a summer day spent on the French countryside with Amy Milan beside you singing you to a lulling sleep. It appears to this reviewer that everything Amy puts her hand to will turn to gold, and it is only a reassurance when Montag is placed in the CD player beside my bed.