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I Am Sorry For Your Loss (Independent)

Review By Jonathan Evans

What is it about punk rock that makes it the gift that keeps on giving for so many of today’s bands? Is it a quest for authenticity? Or have youth movements forever been altered by the nuclear-darkened nihilism of the ‘70s, never to return from across the breach again? One such band who looks backward in order to look forward is Vancouver’s own Adjective who have just released their hard-hitting new EP I Am Sorry For Your Loss, a 17 minute lesson in how to make all the right post-punk moves. The EP feels both longer and shorter than 17 minutes, which is a tribute to how focused this band’s sound is. They’ve mastered the technique of layering their tracks with several interlocking parts: while the first guitar and drums thrash on the beat, the second guitar, bass and vocals play a figure that slams home on the one and the three or four, giving the songs a danceable, three-dimensional feel. Only two questions remain: can they do it live? And when do we get a full-length?