Nordic Trax

Rewinding House Music

“You’ll only know after the fact, when the EDM wave is dead and considered unfashionable by the very people who embraced it, whether it really did trickle down or whether it confused things and ended up getting more people involved in the cheesy side of it.”


War Baby

Surviving Death Sweats

“[Survival] is a dog at a rescue shelter, and desperation is a dog at the show. It’s gross. This, the album, is so much more important.”


Whitney K

Koko no more, now it’s Whitney K. I sit down with Konner Whitney, formerly known by his alternative pop ego Koko, at Reno’s restaurant near…


Mourning Coup

I meet Chandra Ponyboy Melting Tallow at Jericho Beach on a picture-perfect Friday afternoon. Dressed in red from head to toe, including a letterman sports…



Tarsiers in the Sunshine

“With Ramzi I feel like I can get lost. It’s a world I keep expanding.”



Back and Still Running

As the sun dips below the brick buildings of Gastown, I stand with Kevin Doherty, guitarist and founding member of Vancouver’s premiere ‘sludge-fuzz rock’ band…


Sur Une Plage

“It’s called the balloon factory because the landlord says that’s what it was before, but no one believes him. No one believes him for a second that there was actually a balloon factory in a sketchy basement in east Vancouver.”