Art d’Ecco

Becoming Art d'Ecco

“If people call my look gay, then it is. That’s fucking fine by me. The point is that gender equality is what’s missing in a lot of the rock ‘n’ roll that I’m trying to bring into my sound.”

Real Live Action



Painted Fruit

Beyond Fruit Salad

“Vancouver is too fucking expensive. We can have a house for ourselves to record in in Victoria.”


Big Joy Barber & Salon

Smooth Highlights

“It’s nice to learn how to have a vested interest in another person. I think there’s some value in that, just as a person in the world, to not just talk about yourself all the time.”


Nordic Trax

Rewinding House Music

“You’ll only know after the fact, when the EDM wave is dead and considered unfashionable by the very people who embraced it, whether it really did trickle down or whether it confused things and ended up getting more people involved in the cheesy side of it.”