21 June 2024 Broadcast Preview.


CITR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in a snack sized format. Dark Ambient. Drone. Field Recordings. Noise. Sound Art. Or something.

This afternoon’s broadcast features Cities Last Broadcast / Fractalyst, Lara Sarkissian, Beyond The Ghost, Mortality Tables’ “The Engineer“, Dave Brown / Jason Kahn, Vancouver’s Kuma, Melaine Dalibert’s “Eden“, Cities + Memory’s ‘Sounds From Oxford‘, and Modulisme Session’s ‘Buchlaïsms Part 3’ compilation tribute to electronics pioneer Don Buchla.

Starting at 2 PM Pacific on CITR 101.9FM, streaming at PLAYER.CITR.CA

(Photo Credit: Mind Travel Series)


New Music Review By Mark Hjorthoy

Various Artists – Buchlaïsms Part 3

This release is right up my alley. Lots of beautiful blippy noises and gorgeous textures from the West Coast experimental synth line – Buchla. West Coast synthesis is a very different beast than its sister from the East Coast – the Moog. What I love about Buchlas and this album, is that the systems are being pushed to their limits and come out the other side with something that defies description. If you like hearing strange synth patches, you’ll love this one! Suzanne Ciani is on this for crying out loud! The diva of the diode! And her contribution is just one shining moment here. Brilliant and strange. My favourite combination..