15 March 2024 Broadcast Preview.


CITR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in a snack sized format. Dark Ambient. Drone. Field Recordings. Noise. Sound Art. Or something.

Friday afternoon’s broadcast features Michael Vincent Waller, Simina Oprescu, Ben Frost, Scanner, Colonial Skyway, Chelidon Frame, plus new music from Quebec sound artists Lauré Lussier and Nimalan Yoganathan.

(Photo Credit: Panospria)


New Music Reviews By Mark Hjorthoy

Elena M. Rosa Lavita – Dismembering A Dead Swan [StillDeath]

Her music is not for everyone. I want to say that first. It’s because Elena M. Rosa Lavita digs deep. She wants you to feel what she’s doing, while you hear the music. I’m convinced of that. ‘Dismembering A Dead Swan [StillDeath]’ is more of a complete performance than just an album full of tracks. They play theatre scenes in your mind while biting down hard to feelings you thought you’d never have. Unlike some albums that want you to remember your childhood, or that first kiss, this album wants you to feel something different, something deep, something you never thought you had in you. It pulls at the furthest corners of your being. It’s an album that is impossible to forget, and after you hear it, you’re not the same. It’s up to you, if that ends up being a good thing.

Elena M. Rosa Lavita / Denis V. – 23

Fear. This is what I feel when the opening track “1” starts. Not just fear, but tortured fear. A sense that is difficult to convey. But these two sound manipulating wizards give you tons of this, and much more. The depth and emotion conveyed on the five track album ‘23‘ is not easily forgotten. It sticks to you like black honey and touches areas of your soul that are forbidden territory. I’ve been a sound creator for years and I still don’t know how they accomplished this with such delicate precision and brutality. It’s in my top 10 moments of wonder. It’s a perfect album. Frightening, but perfect.

Marta De Pascalis – Sky Flesh

The decision to record an entire album with one synthesizer is a bold, and slightly insane, venture. Especially when that synth was made in 1977, but Marta De Pascalis has created something original and cool that transcends the boundaries between old technology and modern listening. ‘Sky Flesh’ is a well-produced, well-thought out masterpiece that evokes the best of Vangelis, and takes it to the next level. Her mastery of the analogue wonder that is the Yamaha CS60, shows what can be done when you learn your instrument well. Marta proves you don’t need MANY synths to make an album interesting, you just need to learn the one you have, and be intimate with what it can do. Mind you, it helps when it’s a legendary piece of gear. Kudos Marta. This one has stayed on my phone, and probably always will.

Various Artists – All Micro Ambient Music (Tribute To Ryuichi Sakamoto)

Ryuichi Sakamoto was a visionary: a brilliant composer, excellent field recordist, and a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra – an act way ahead of their time. When Ryuichi passed away in 2023, it left a hole in music. Thankfully, Micro Ambient Music gathered like-minded artists and created ‘All Micro Ambient Music (Tribute To Ryuichi Sakamoto)‘ – an album of sounds and textures and tense moments that float with beautiful ease. To truly understand ‘All Micro Ambient Music’, you need to hear this album. It’s difficult to explain properly. It needs to be experienced. Don’t go into this with any expectations. It will open your mind and your senses. It won’t give you what you expect, and that’s a good thing.