༄ Discothrash Submissions for SUMMER Open ༄


Your keen research skills and discerning tastes have brought you here for a reason — and that reason is Discorder Mag‘s poetry column : D̸̳̖̙̐͆͆i̸̡̝̭̻̚s̷͖̣̬̙̀̉͆̀ć̸̬̫̔͐͘o̵̤̟͛͜t̵̨̬̲̭̍̃͂̕̕h̵̭̤̼͉́̎̈r̴̬̰͋̄͝ä̵̭̮̣̲͎́s̸͇̳͔̈́̃̈́͋ͅh̴͓̘̤̐ Have a secret stack of micro-poems? Need a reason to wash away writers’ block, bad vibes, and the flaming hamster wheel of ~capitalism? Lead a life of tranquility and wellness, write for D̸̳̖̙̐͆͆i̸̡̝̭̻̚s̷͖̣̬̙̀̉͆̀ć̸̬̫̔͐͘o̵̤̟͛͜t̵̨̬̲̭̍̃͂̕̕h̵̭̤̼͉́̎̈r̴̬̰͋̄͝ä̵̭̮̣̲͎́s̸͇̳͔̈́̃̈́͋ͅh̴͓̘̤̐.

The next call for submissions is themed and will be selected by guest curator, Angus Nordlund. See below for the call.

Angus Nordlund

Soaring ravens, bitter tea leaves, the motor of an old corvette. He who has mastered the unorganized pages of 300 poems. Please excuse the ever growing addiction to AC/DC and axe handling.   

Discothrash Feb. 29, 2024: 

Hey y’all! With a new season comes a new issue of Discorder Magazine. You know what else is new? Discothrash! We’ve been revamping the format to make it thrilling for all of you multifaceted artists who are eager to contribute. One work will be selected to feature in our next issue with its very own page, so if you’ve been trying to plaster your writing somewhere for everyone to see, here’s your new chance! Again, written pieces are what we want, whether that be hybrid forms, micro-fiction or even acrobatic poetry.  Now, I’m sure you noticed I’ve been using “new” a lot. That’s no coincidence. Our theme for Discothrash this month is NEW. It’s a time of new things after all. The groundhogs predict spring is coming sooner this year. This means new flowers, clothes, growth, and new cheap spring-themed coffee flavors. However, don’t limit yourself — except the growth, that’s important. Oh, and the flowers too, don’t forget to smell them. We invite you to interpret NEW in any way you like. Whether it be the word itself, the concept, or even whatever comes to mind when you think new. Put a new spin on it. The weirder the better. Now, go sketch, draft, and most importantly, create! 

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hey, don’t forget to read the fine print.


Consider Discothrash Discorder’s revitalization of the No Fun Fiction column. We are now accepting submissions of fiction, prose, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, comics, and diverse creative writing. Submissions are free and open to everyone regardless of writing experience. Our priority is to provide a platform for creative writing that is inclusive, open, and accessible. It’s a space where writers celebrate, mourn, rage, and embrace. We want the writing that challenged you, that felt risky, surprising, and a little strange. But we also want your tenderest, and gentlest. Whatever you’re working on now that’s hiding somewhere in your drive, we want to read it.


  • 1 piece will be published per Discorder issue.
  • Please note we do not have the capacity to provide feedback per submission, though re-submissions are encouraged since we are only able to publish work bi-monthly.  
  • We can offer a humble $30.00 CAD per published piece. We know it’s not a lot, but we value your work and are doing our best to reduce financial barriers to submitting and believe it’s important to prove that, even with our limited budget, paying artists is important and necessary. 
  • We support diversity in both the form and content of writing, but we do not accept work that is derogatory, homophobic, sexist, racist, or otherwise seeks to dehumanize any person.
  • Submission periods for the June/July issue are open until March 29th
  • We gladly accept simultaneous submissions. If another magazine accepts your work for publication, please let us know.
  • Currently, we can only accommodate micro-fiction because Discorder is bursting! If you can fit that good, short, writing within 1 page — send away! For poetry/prose, up to 3 separate works can be sent for consideration. Format how you like, as you like. 


Discothrash was created in 2021 by Maya Preshyon and Desaraigh B, published in collaboration with Discorder Magazine. Currently the column is curated by Angus Nordlund. Works are read, published, and supported by a team of volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteering to read for us, contact Tasha @ editor@citr.ca  

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