18 November 2022 Broadcast Preview II


CITR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in a snack sized format. Dark Ambient. Drone. Field Recordings. Noise. Sound Art. Or something.

Friday night’s broadcast features new Molly Joyce, The Haters, Alphaxone, Legendary Pink Dots, OLO (Loïc Grobéty), Common Eider, King Eider, and Blair Petrie.

Starting at 11 PM Pacific on CITR FM 101.9, streaming at PLAYER.CITR.CA

(Photo Credit: New Amsterdam Records)


New Music Review By Mark Hjorthoy

Blair PetrieInject Glue Into Brain (2020) // Last Wilderness (2022)

I have spent a while digging for info on Blair Petrie. He’s a ghost. Other than his releases, he’s nearly invisible. Someone in Vancouver that’s been making experimental music since the early eighties, that seems to be more legend than human. So, based on the fact that I had heard of his work from a friend of mine, and received copies of them… I’m going to see what the big deal is. Here goes. 

Inject Glue Into Brain  is one of the most wonderful journeys I’ve taken musically in many, many years. Noisy and brutal, warm and safe, then it all comes crashing down. The dynamics are addictive. How the hell had I not heard any of this before? It’s hard to describe what I’m hearing. From musical to harsh noise and everywhere in between, instantly, all at the same time, all making sense with what is happening around you.  I love this and it’s going to stay in my car until I sell it. Then it’s going in my next car.

Last Wilderness feels like the best soundtrack to a movie where all is lost. You can see the end coming, the trail it leads to, but it’s the only one you can take. The story each track suggests leads you through each scene of the film so brilliantly that I can picture it. Experimental music so good, I’m going in again.

I’d love to talk to him. I have so many questions. So, if you’re reading this Blair, get in touch! Bepi knows how to reach me.

He MAY get in touch, may not. Why?

Because he’s a ghost. A brilliant one, but a ghost nonetheless.