11 November 2022 Broadcast Preview II


CITR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in a snack sized format. Dark Ambient. Drone. Field Recordings. Noise. Sound Art. Or something.

Tonight’s broadcast features new Daniel Avery, Oberlin, Dead Voices On Air, Sokushinbutsu Project, plus Mark interviews Andreas of Punching KnivesPunching Knives perform with CatTV, Belle Tower, SoyJoy, and Empanadas Ilegales at the Red Gate Arts Society this Tuesday, 15 November, as part of CiTR 101.9FM’s SHINDIG annual battle of the bands.

Starting at 11 PM Pacific on CITR FM 101.9, streaming at PLAYER.CITR.CA

(Photo Credit: Mark Spybey)


New Music Review By Mark Hjorthoy

Dead Voices On Air:feuilles morte: live studio recordings october 2022

A collection of live soundscapes from Mark Spybey, a.k.a. Dead Voices On Air? Excellent. I’ve been waiting for this. Mark’s work puts you on an unfamiliar feeling and leaves you there to decode its madness. His creativity is legendary. I saw him perform with Download at their first live show in a Vancouver strip club, and it literally changed my views on what music can be. :feuilles morte: keeps that tradition going with ghoulish effected vocal performances swimming in cavernous reverb and delay. Music you feel that takes a little from you to give so much more. Brilliant listen. This is drone at its finest.

Sokushinbutsu ProjectSokushinbutsu

Esoteric ambient post-industrial experimental sound artists Sokushinbutsu Project are exactly that. An auditory exploration to areas unheard, feelings untapped, and challenges what you think you hear each moment. This Italian combo is so full of rich sonic textures I wonder how long it must have taken to mix? Excellent waves of treated feedback swirl in and out of harsh otherworldly overdriven moments. It’s fantastic. Look up the meaning of ‘sokushinbutsu’, and you’ll see why this release is so intriguing. Best heard in headphones, in a quiet room, with minimal distractions.