Access Day 2022 ✲ The Spectrum of Accessibility


This Thursday May 19 CiTR has a full day of special programming to celebrate the 11th annual Global Access Awareness Day. We have nine hours of content curated by our very own All Access Pass, including a special live performance and interview with Jeff Stanfield and his band, presented in collaboration with the Vancouver Adapted Music Society.

Here’s a complete schedule:

9:00 – Video Games & Accessibility
CiTR’s Accessibility Collective poses a question: how are video games accessible? The team this week chats with Joshua Straub, the Editor of DAGERsystem. Plus, how has social media platform has worked to incorporate accessibility features as well as how accessibility issues can be dealt when it comes to video games?!

10:30 – Disability in Photography/Film
What is the connection between disability, accessibility, photography and the film world? CiTR’s Accessibility Collective chats with Carts of Darkness’ director, Murray Siple!

12:00 – Interview with UBC’s Janet Mee – Centre for Accessibility
How will UBC improve life on campus and after the pandemic? How about young people in post secondary education, social media representation, health benefits, future and past initiatives. Furthermore, what has UBC done to create a safe space to educate, assist, as well as highlight the successes of the disabled community at UBC and the resources UBC offers to them?! CiTR’s Accessibility Collective chats with UBC’s Janet Mee, who runs the Centre for Accessibility at UBC.

1:30 – VAMS Presents: Jeff Stanfield Live at CiTR
Jeff is a regular on the Vancouver scene, performing a heartwarming blend of acoustic folk and blues. His music is rooted in an irrepressible passion for living life to its fullest. Overcoming his own physical challenges, he celebrates both the struggle and the beauty of life in song. Jeff has performed on TV, radio, at folk festivals and hosted an open stage showcasing artists from the disabled community to help them gain experience.

2:30 – Interview with GAAD’s co-creator, Joe Devon
Dora and Deepi interview Joe Devon, a co-creative of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).

3:00 – Interview with disabled staff & alum at UBC, Rachael Sullivan
Disabled staff and alum at UBC. She speaks on her experience as a current staff member and as a former student (2005-2012).
*** NOTE: There are parts in the interview where there are talks about body parts and sexual behaviours.***

4:30 – Opera & Accessibility
What is Opera Mariposa and how is it accessible as well as disability represented? CiTR’s Accessibility Collective chats with two co-founders, Jacqueline Ko & Stephanie Ko from Opera Mariposa.

5:15 – Blind New World
One of the founding principles of online dating revolves around profile photos, and many users base their decisions on snap optical judgements of attractiveness. But what if you can’t see the person you’re matching with? Deon talks with Marco Salsiccia to find out what online dating is like for him as a blind man. Marco is an accessibility expert from San Fransisco.