24 Hours of Student Power Returns March 3


Put some coffee on – this Thursday March 3 at 00:00 the students are taking over the airwaves for a full 24 hours. It’s a full day of radio podcasts, discussions, musical performances, and interviews from UBC students. Want to get a sense of what’s going on at UBC this year? Want to hear about the makers and the shakers at UBC? There’s no better way to put your ear to the ground. Tune in!

Full schedule below:
00:00 24HOSP Kickoff Party
01:00 TBD
02:00 Colourful Conversations
03:00 Blue Hour
04:00 La Bonne Heure with Valie
05:00 Orca Man Podcast
06:00 Friendship Across Faculties
07:00 TBD
08:00 Against the Current
09:00 feeling sounds
10:00 Therapy Hour
11:00 Alec & Aisia Fill-in
12:00 Sasha Fill-in
13:00 Maya and roommates
14:00 ANTH 431 (student-run MOA exhibition)
15:00 Planet Fhloston
16:00 Student Ambassadors
17:00 Dead Succulent Haunt
18:00 Flower Power Hour
19:00 Spit In Your Ear!
20:00 2010 Radio
21:00 TBD
22:00 Name TBD
23:00 24HOSP Finale