CiTR’s Top 100 of 2021


We’re observing the end of 2021 with an obligatory & completely joyful top 100 list!

After a few months of comfort and things starting to feel “normal,” everything has come crashing down in an unwavering attempt to stabilize the almost vertical rise in COVID case rates. What way for 2021 to go.

S/O to all of the wonderful artists who released music this past year and here’s to all of the releases that are yet to come ???

Listen to 2021 Top 100 if that’s what you wanna do➽➽
Some of the artists on the list are too ~underground~ to be on Spotify, so make sure you check out the full list below:)

1. Devours*+ Escape From Planet Devours STG
2. Prado*+ PRADO MONROE EP tmwrk
3. Fake Fruit Fake Fruit Rocks In Your Head
4. Jasper Sloan Yip*+ Strange Calm / Blushing Autumn Tiny Kingdom Music
5. Little Sprout*+ Fake Cake Self-Released
6. TJ Felix*+ BIGPOETRYASS Self-Released
7. Nimkish*+ Damage Control Red Music Rising
9. Status/Non Status 1, 2, 3, 4, 500 Years You’ve Changed
10. Doohickey Cubicle*+ Don’t Fix Anything;) Self-Released
11. ZDBT, Prado, SMP*+ Elastic EP Specials
12. future star*+ When Will the DJ of Luv Grant Me My 1 Request Kingfisher Bluez
13. Tough Age, Dumb*+ Pizza Punks 7″ Mint
14. Yu Su*+ Yellow River Blue bié
15. Cartel Madras* The Serpent and the Tiger Royal Mountain
16. redress*+ meadowrunning Self-Released
17. Dijah SB* Head Above the Waters Self-Released
18. Century Egg* Little Piece of Hair Forward Music Group
19. Men I Trust* Untourable Album Independent
20. Alex Cuba*+ Mendó Caracol
21. Grimm*+ Electro Folklore Kingfisher Bluez
22. Pardoner Came Down Different Bar None
23. Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz* jooj two Mint
24. Masahiro Takahashi* Flowering Tree, Distant Moon Not Not Fun
25. Motorists*+ Surrounded Debt Offensive
26. Snotty Nose Rez Kids* Life After Distorted Muse / Fontana North
27. OKAN* Esprial Lulaworld
28. Olivia’s World*+ Tuff 2B Tender Self-Released
29. prOphecy sun*+ SkyCat Self-Released
30. thehabeshaman*+ The Lovers Self-Released
31. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson* Theory of Ice You’ve Changed
32. Various artists*+ Black Lab 2020 Mixtape Vol. I-III The Black Lab
33. Dummy EP2 Born Yesterday
34. Luna Li* jams EP Self-Released
35. Nivram AKAsublime*+ good days and bad days EP Self-Released
36. illuminati hotties Let Me Do One More Hopeless
37. Great Aunt Ida*+ Unsayable Self-Released
38. Bachelor Doomin’ Sun Polyvinyl
39. Parlour Panther*+ Retrograde Coax
40. Eve Parker Finley* Chrysalia Coax
41. Primp*+ DAYTONA Self-Released
42. Clear Mortifee Fairies Self-Released
43. TJ Felix*+ I Used to Pick Berries Self-Released
44. Mas Aya* MÁSCARAS Telephone Explosion
45. Tirzah Colourgrade Domino
46. Dry Cleaning New Long Leg 4AD
47. Smirk ST LP Drunken Sailor
48. Needles//Pins*+ S/T Dirt Cult
49. Kìzis* Tidibàbide / Turn Tin Angel
50. Porches All Day Gentle Hold ! Domino
51. thehabeshaman*+ ????? ?????? Self-Released
52. Sons Of Kemet Black To The Future Impulse!
53. NEW CHANCE* Real Time We Are Time.
54. Bapari Daybreak EP Self-Released
55. Kylie V*+ Big Blue Self-Released
56. Haviah Mighty* Stock Exchange Mighty Gang Inc.
57. (Liv).e Couldn’t Wait to Tell You… In Real Life
58. TEKE::TEKE* Shirushi Kill Rock Stars
59. Euro Visa Visa*+ We Love Robin Williams bornallday
60. I M U R*+ My Molecules Fontana North
61. Gavin Turek MADAME GOLD Madame Gold
62. The Weather Station* Ignorance Next Door
63. viñu-vinu* Exilio Transitorio Self-Released
64. Petal Supply* Hey – EP SONG Music
65. shn shn* e​.​strange​.​d stadik
66. iskwē* The Stars Self-Released
67. Louke Man* Sd-1 Self-Released
68. CHAI WINK Sub Pop
69. Ducks Ltd.* Modern Fiction Royal Mountain
70. Grouper Shade kranky
71. The Garrys Get Thee to a Nunnery Grey
72. Bell Orchestre* House Music Envision
73. Janette King* What We Lost Hot Tramp
74. Annabelle Chvostek* String of Pearls MQGV
75. Lost Girls Menneskekollektivet Smalltown Supersound
76. Ada Lea* one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden Next Door
77. Various artists*+ 100 Block Rock Incidental Press
78. The Halluci Nation* One More Saturday Night Radicalized
79. Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band* Banned Flemish Eye
80. Isabella Lovestory* Remix Mixtape TWIN
81. GADFLY*+ GADFLY Self-Released
82. Central Heat Exchange Central Heat Exchange Birthday Cake
83. Fiver* Fiver with the Atlantic School Of Spontaneous Composition You’ve Changed
84. Sofia Fly* Fly Beats II Virgo Rising Fly AF
85. Meemo Comma Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² Planet Mu
86. The Golden Age of Wrestling*+ matriarch // rottweiler STG
87. Aasiva* Niriunniq Pheromone Distribution / Fontana North
88. Rec Centre* Pep Talk Self-Released
89. YlangYlang* Cycles & Decay Everyday Ago
90. Afrika Mamas Ilanga – The Sun ARC Music
91. Kele Fleming*+ The Song I’ll Write for My Whole Life Self-Released
92. Mega Bog Life, and Another Paradise of Bachelors
93. Low HEY WHAT Sup Pop
94. thehabeshaman*+ Sleeper Hit Self-Released
95. Dobet Gnahoré Couleur Cumbancha
96. Chad VanGaalen* World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener Flemish Eye
97. colouring outside* Vision of the World Self-Released
98. Decomme* Rental Shop Dark Self-Released
99. Cecile Believe* Plucking a Cherry From the Void Self-Released
100. Dim Wit Self-Titled Self-Released