Shindig is on in January 2022. Submissions close December 8. Go to to apply.

Shindig submissions are open?️?️⚔️


Shindig is back in 2022, baby!!!!

18 bands enter… only 1 will win?️?️⚔️
The bloodbath that is Shindig is ?ON? in January 2022????

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Submissions for Shindig, CiTR & Discorder’s annual battle-of-the-bands, open on Friday, November 19! Enter to experience a moment of connectedness before severing that bond in a ruthless bid to reign supreme in a local and independently run music competition

✶ All genres, ages, and styles are encouraged to submit ✶

?⚔️ Submissions close Wednesday, December 8⚔️?

Shindig will be held at Red Gate Arts Society. We’ll bang qualifiers out on January 13 and 14 in a whirlwind of 15-20 minute sets, back to back, consecutively, and in a row before moving on to the Semi Finals on Thursday, January 20!

But it’ll all be in vain unless you make it to the Finals on Friday, January 28 where the fate of the 3 finalists will be decided…

Enter for a chance to win ~

A place on the Fanta Records roster and a $2,500 bursary to produce an album! Automatic acceptance to Music Waste 2022! Endless glory! A feature in Discorder Magazine! An in-studio session at CJSF’s Studio 6! And more!

All artists selected to compete will be featured on a Spotify playlist shared by CiTR & Discorder and will receive a $25 honorarium… and that number only goes up the further you get in the competition 😉