Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire) Tribute Broadcast Preview


CITR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in a snack sized format. Dark Ambient. Drone. Field Recordings. Noise. Sound Art. Or something.

Tonight’s broadcast celebrates the legacy of Richard H. Kirk – a pioneer and true giant in the field of electronic post-punk / alternative and industrial dance music. Tune in for CV new wave classics, obscurities and Kirk’s epic 2021 compositions – ‘Dekadrone‘ and ‘BN9Drone‘ broadcast in their entirety. Tape recorders at the ready, ragazzi!

Starting at 10 PM Pacific on CITR FM 101.9, streaming at PLAYER.CITR.CA

Some of Richard H. Kirk / Cabaret Voltaire’s early sound experimentation and tape manipulation pieces were featured in the following 24 HOURS OF RADIO ART feature.

RIP RHK, 2021.

Tracklist / Podcast Available Here

(Photo Credit: Mute Records)