✧ CiTR/Discorder ????????????? ✧


This summer we are launching a series of

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run by a few of our very own.

Every Thursday @ 5pm. Running from July 22 to August 12.


CiTR/Disco’s Masterclasses are a cheeky way of saying we’re serving up some workshops this summer! They are free and open to all – seasoned members and folks just checking things out. Welcome, please register down below. Join one or all :

☞ Grant writing with Ana Rose Carrico, Station Manager ✧ July 22, Thursday @ 5pm

Ana Rose is the powerhouse of CiTR/Discorder. Budgets, managing board/AMS relationships, hiring, writing grants, – she does all things arts admin. Whether you’re managing an arts organization or an independent artist, applying for grants is an inevitable part of staying alive in arts and culture. CiTR applies for several grants a year as they make up a good portion of CiTR’s budget. Learn from Ana Rose on what it takes to write a 11/10 grant application.

Register here: https://forms.gle/CBGydHiYom71CUuq9


Live music event planning with Dora Dubber, Music & Volunteer Manager ✧ July 29, Thursday @ 5pm (feat. special guests)

IRL music events are hopefully a thing to stay. Dora Dubber, master planner extraordinaire™, will lead you through planning a excellent live music event:

  • How to come up with event ideas
  • Basics of communication, organization and best practices
  • Health & safety plans
  • *This is not a budget workshop*

Take this wisdom to your album release parties, backyard gigs, music festivals!

Register here: https://forms.gle/ZK9QzPVMs6g95EM97



Media Ethics with Hina Imam, Spoken Word coordinator ✧ August 5, Thursday @ 5pm

Hina Imam is a multimedia journalist interested in social justice, race and representation, intersectional feminism, and sociopolitical issues. Curious about ethics in media? What makes a good reporter? Does objectivity exist and who does it serve? Tackle these pressing questions with contemporary examples and an interactive discussion.

Register here: https://forms.gle/oyWtjU9zYyMdATdk7



☞ Introduction to Adobe Illustrator with Ricky Castanedo Laredo, Art Coordinator ✧ August 12, Thursday @ 5pm

Is graphic design your passion but you have no idea what the deal is with Adobe Illustrator? Ricky, the wizard behind CiTR & Discorder’s Art department, breaks it all down in his Masterclass. Secret tools, best practices, tips and tricks to demystify, and get you started, on one of Adobe’s most powerful tools.

Register here: https://forms.gle/3cDTYVNzSV6WVED8A



Event details 

Masterclasses will be hosted on Zoom. The video link will be sent out via email the day before the event.

If you have any questions, suggestions or access needs, please contact Jamie at outreachcoordinator@citr.ca


Want more mastery?

These Masterclasses are just a taster of the resources we offer at CiTR! Sign up to be a member at djland.citr.ca and get access to all our trainings, all year round. Contact Jamie outreachcoordinator@citr.ca for more info.