☺ (another) ✧virtual✧ CiTR & Discorder Annual General Meeting ☺


✿☀☂❆  ♫It’s the most wonderful time of the year♫ ✿☀☂❆ It’s time for CiTR & Discorder‘s Annual General Meeting!

CiTR & Discorder‘s AGM ~ Wednesday, March 31 @ 6pm
⟿ Zoom link ⬳

Yes – we’re constitutionally required to host an AGM the last Wednesday of March, and yes – we had an AGM in September/October/whenever… but we just like hosting them ☺☺

This ✧virtual✧ AGM will have it all:

    • budget reviews,
    • department updates,
    • Student Exec nominations*…
    • but also a chance to see everyone’s distanced and beautiful faces one pixel at a time ☺

You can RSVP on Facebook or just come, we’re not picky ☺ Check out the Facebook event here ➜ CiTR & Discorder Annual General Meeting Online

*Student Exec nominations

Every year at the AGM we nominate the leadership positions (President, Vice President, Business Manager) on the Student Executive. To run, fill out this ⇨Nomination Form⇦ and get the signatures of 10 student members of CiTR & Discorder who support your nomination.

Email your complete Nomination Form to Katherine at president@citr.ca by Wednesday, March 31 at 12pm