☆☆ 2020 ☆☆ Volunteer Appreciation Awards


It’s (finally) time for the…

CiTR & Discorder 2020
Volunteer Appreciation Awards


We are constantly blown away with gratitude that so many enthusiastic & lovely people are willing to give their time & energy to CiTR & Discorder. We usually celebrate our truly ~exceptional volunteers at the Annual General Meeting in March but we’ve had to readjust to the COVID reality.

Below is a list of all the volunteers & radio shows who are being recognized for various tasks, roles, and moments that we appreciated between April 2019-March 2020. But to all* of CiTR & Discorder‘s volunteers…

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Adeline Peng
Aisia Witteveen
Akshay Kulkarni
Alex Christensen
Alex de Boer
Alex T
Alison Deere
Alyssa Laube
Andrea & Arthur Berman
Arman Raina
Beay Todorova
Bepi Crespan
Bryna Turk
CiTR & Discorder Student Executive
Clara Dubber
Conrad Hendy
Cory Branson
Dan Miller
Dan Shakespeare
Duncan McHugh
Finn Smith
Helena Kim
Ines Lupton
Isaac Koenig-Workman
Isaac You
J Ockenden
James Spetifore
Jessie Blair
Josh Azizi
Katherine Chambers
Kelli Stenson
Lidia Cooey-Hurtado
Liz Wang
Magalee Blumenkrans
Maximilian Neumann
Maya Preshyon
Meryl Stevens
Milena Carrasco
Nate Sternberg
Nico Roselli
Nina Reid
Randi Papworth
Sara Carbone
Sasha Balazic
Sera Uncu
Sheri Turner
Sinead Tebbutt
Tate Kaufmann
Vihaan Soni
Violet Myles
Zachary Tharpe
Zainab Fatima








(*but mostly the one’s who are getting awards)