Bepi Crespan Presents… Field Recording Special Part I


The COVID-19 lockdown has brought silence to our living spaces – particularly in urban settings.  Many of us are unable to fully immerse ourselves in this tranquility as our living space is currently defined by and limited to a short walk or a quick jog just steps beyond the four walls that confine and isolate us the rest of the day.

It is in reaction to this that your friends at CITR 101.9 FM present our Field Recording Special Part I – delivering the sounds of tranquility – from the world outside – directly to you!

Highlights from this Friday’s afternoon’s show include new field recordings from Virgilio Oliveira (Prague), Paulo Raposo (Lisbon), plus “a binaural SoundWalk in Aulus Les Bains” in its entirety and our interview with its composer – sound ecologist La Pesch (Leipzig).

We encourage you to remain in your jammies and Sasquatch slippers, however, headphones are highly recommended!

Starting at 2 PM Pacific on CITR FM 101.9, streaming at PLAYER.CITR.CA

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