Asian Heritage Month 2020 Special Programming


As a part of Asian Heritage Month programming, CiTR is launching “Motherlands”, a series exploring what it means to be Asian.

Produced by people from a variety of Asian backgrounds, the podcast is a celebration as well as an investigation of the so-called “Asian Identity”.

Some of the content we have includes pieces of local Asian Canadian history, a look at the barriers Asian immigrants are still facing in Canada to this day, as well as a philosophical musing of what it means to celebrate a pan-Asian identity.

The project is not meant to be an all encompassing display of every singular Asian experience, but an opportunity for people to describe what their heritage means to them.

Episodes air every Tuesday in the Month of May at 3pm on 101.9FM!

Episode 1 is called “Histories” and airs Tuesday, May 5.
Tune into 101.9FM or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

This project was made possible by the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CFRC).