CiTR & Discorder is manifesting some powerful student energy in 2020 with


This year we’re expanding our classic ⏰24 Hours of Student Power⏰ with a full week of student centered programming on 101.9FM to celebrate and showcase all the amazing things students are doing both on and off campus

~~~~~~January 20-23~~~~~~

Bands in the Lounge EVERY DAY at 12pm!

?Monday? Christ Alrighty

Hosted by Alec Christensen

?Tuesday? Unaccompanied Minors

Hosted by Dan Miller

?Wednesday? Beneath Orange Skies

Hosted by Violet Myles

?Thursday? Beatrice and Jade

Hosted by Sasha Balazic

Then starting at 9pm on Thursday, January 23 is…

24 Hours of Student Power!⏰

~~~~~~Friday, January 24~~~~~~

All student content. All day long. ft. your favourite student clubs like UBC Africa Awareness Initiative, UBC Film Society, AMS Vice, and more…

PLUS an on air Finale Party with performances by…

?4pm? Pacific City Limits

?5pm? The FUGUs

Read the full schedule here!

Thursday, January 23 ?9pm-11pm? EXEC KICKOFF

Hosted by members of CiTR & Discorder‘s current Student Executive


?11pm-12am? UBC Yoga

Hosted by Sasha Balazic


Friday, January 24 ?12am-1am? Christ Alrighty performance REBROADCAST

Rebroadcast hosted by Alec Christensen


?1am-2am? UBC Ski and Board

Hosted by Chase Robinson


?2am-3am? Clothing Optional

Hosted by Ethan Donnelly

A sex positive podcast.

?3am-4am? feeling sounds

Hosted by Sara Carbone

All about indie music and its many emotions. I’m always looking for local and student artists to feature!

?4am-5am? iSpy Podcast

Hosted by Violet Myles

Voyeurism podcast on cheating and infidelity.

?5am-6am? La Bonne Heur

Hosted by Valie Madejska

French and English show.

1. An INTERVIEW!! with Argonaut & Wasp – as well as a review of their performance at Fortune Sound Club last week (31/10). Check out their Instagram @argonautandwasp.
2. A few new francophone songs as well as the ‘Songs That Are Special For You’ segment. A bit thanks to Emily and Zoe for submitting!

?6am-8am? LFS

Hosted by members of CiTR & Discorder‘s current Student Executive


?8am-8:30am? LUV 101

Hosted by Isa You

A podcast about love.

?8:30am-9am? Africa Awareness Initiative

Hosted by members of CiTR & Discorder‘s current Student Executive


?9am-10am? Rush Hour

Hosted by Max Kittner

Waking up early for work or class sucks. What sucks less is waking up and listening to a twenty year old playing wake up music and telling you what the weather and the traffic is like throughout Metro Vancouver. So yeah, I guess that may make your day better. Happy Rush Hour!

?10am-11am? Sprouts & Seedlings

Hosted by Sara Carbone

UBC Sprouts discussion about their work with food security, food waste management, and other projects. Check out their Instgram @ubcsprouts.

?11am-12pm? The Reel Whirled

Hosted by members of the UBC Film Society

Whether it’s contemporary, classic, local, or global, we talk about film with passion, mastery, and a ‘lil dash of silly.

?12pm-1pm? UBCC350

Hosted by Kelli Stenson

Divestment at UBC

?1pm-2pm? UBC Musical Theatre Troupe

Hosted by Meryl Stevens


?2pm-3pm? AMS Vice

Hosted by Holleh Hajibashi

Harm reduction services on campus. Check out their Instagram .

?3pm-4pm? Flashback

Hosted by Alec Christensen

Join host Alec Christensen and friends as they discuss the pop culture and politics affecting Vancouver and beyond.

?4pm-5pm? Pacific City Limits LIVE

Hosted by Sara Carbone and Violet Myles


?5pm-6pm? The FUGUs LIVE

Hosted by Sara Carbone and Violet Myles


?6pm-9pm? Sports broadcast

Hosted Jacob Aere and members of the CiTR Sports Collective


?9pm-10pm? Agora Cafe

Hosted by Bryna Turk