Top Notch – CiTR’s Top 100 of 2019!


2019 is almost over! Here’s to 2020 being 365 days of excitement, but the good kind of excitement not the stressful kind?? The kind like… a playlist of the top 100 albums played on CiTR 101.9FM in 2019?!

Top Notch – CiTR’s Top 100 of 2019! is the first of CiTR & Discorder‘s Top Notch playlists, all curated by CiTR programmers, writers, editors, and whoever hangs around enough to be given the Spotify password and what they think is top notch content.

Some of the artists on the list are too ~underground~ to be on Spotify, so here’s the whole list if you’re curious.

1 Dumb*#+ Club Nites Mint
2 Swim Team*#+ V Self-Released
3 Only A Visitor*#+ Technicolour Education Self-Released
4 Devours*+ Iconoclast Artoffact
5 Necking*#+ Cut Your Teeth Mint
6 Jock Tears*#+ Bad Boys Inky
7 Sarah MacDougall*# All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything Label In Between
8 Kat Danser*# Goin’ Gone Black Hen
9 NIMKISH*#+ Heartbreak On The Coast Self-Released
10 Divorcer*#+ Debt Jubilee Comfortable On A Tightrope
11 Debby Friday*#+ Death Drive Deathbomb Arc
12 Lightning Dust*#+ Spectre Western Vinyl
13 Julia Holter*# Aviary Domino
14 Haviah Mighty*# 13th Floor Self-Released
15 kylie v*+ lotus eater Self-Released
16 FRANKIIE*#+ Forget Your Head Paper Bag
17 Sigh*#+ Images Self-Released
18 Men I Trust*# Oncle Jazz Self-Released
19 Club Sofa*#+ Club Sofa Self-Released
20 Alien Boys*+ Night Danger Desolate
21 wild kind*#+ West Ends Self-Released
22 Sleepy Gonzales*#+ mellowtrauma Light Organ Records
23 Rae Spoon* Mental Health Coax
24 JB The First Lady*#+ Righteous Empowered Daughter Self-Released
25 Pale Red*#+ Heavy Petting Self-Released
26 Snotty Nose Rez Kids* Trapline Minay Music
27 Peach Pyramid*# Bright Blue Oscar Street Records
28 Gal Gracen*+ Fantasy Gardens Jaz Records
29 Woolworm*#+ Awe Mint Records
30 Bridal Party*# Too Much Kingfisher Bluez
31 Nice Apple*#+ This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting Hidden Bay Records
32 Apollo Ghosts*#+ Living Memory Self-Released
33 Black Belt Eagle Scout# At The Party With My Brown Friends Saddle Creek
34 BB*#+ X Self-Released
35 LAPS*# Soon Not Often In It Terrific Kids
36 Garbage Dreams*#+ Demonstrations Self-Released
37 lié*#+ Hounds Mint
38 D.O.A.*+ 1978 Sudden Death
39 The 427’s*# Stay Gold Stingray
40 Curren$y, LNDN DRGS, Jay Worthy*+ Umbrella Symphony GDF Records
41 Mauno*# Really Well Tin Angel
42 Meltt*+ Swim Slowly Self-Released
43 Chris-a-Riffic*+ Treats Self-Released
44 Becky Ninkovic*#+ Woe Paper Bag
45 Dead Soft*#+ Big Blue Arts & Crafts
46 Puzzlehead*#+ Big Sniff Stucco
47 Kellarissa*#+ Ocean Electro Mint
48 Peach Kelli Pop# Gentle Leader Mint
49 future star*#+ i will fight the devil and i will win Self-Released
50 Co-op*+ III Self-Released
51 Mr. Stee*+ See You Tomorrow… EASTBLVD
52 Our Native Daughters*# Songs of Our Native Daughters Smithsonian Folkways
53 Jaelem Bhate*+ On The Edge Self-Released
54 Northern Haze* Siqinnaarut Aakuluk
55 Pudding*#+ Pop Over Self-Released
56 Bored Decor*+ The Colour Red Self-Released
57 Eekwol & T-Rhyme*# For Women By Women Self-Released
58 Dil Brito*+ Lowing Self-Released
59 Tim the Mute*+ Welcome to the Sad Cafe Kingfisher Bluez
60 Kamikaze Nurse*#+ Bucky Fleur Agony Klub
61 Graftician*#+ Mandarins Self-Released
62 Winona Forever* FeelGood Self-Released
63 The Shiverettes*# Real Shrill Bitches Self-Released
64 Kim Gray*+ Plastic Memory Buzz Records
65 Weyes Blood# Titanic Rising Sub Pop
66 Milk*#+ Mattress Ranch Self-Released
67 Sarah Davachi*# Gave in Rest Ba Da Bing!
68 Non La*+ Demos Self-Released
69 Strange Breed*#+ Permanence Self-Released
70 Begonia*# Fear Rex Baby
71 Jerk Jails*#+ Intra Slop Self-Released
72 alimony*#+ release Alarum Records
73 Ivory Towers*#+ Queller Self-Released
74 Samurai Champs* Cabernet Sauvignon Trifecta Sound Co.
75 Orville Peck* Pony Royal Mountain
76 Mr. Merlot*+ City Sex Vol. 2 Self-Released
77 Black Mountain*#+ Destroyer Dine Alone
78 nêhiyawak* Nipiy Arts & Crafts
79 PUP* Morbid Stuff Little Dipper
80 Craig Aalders*+ Oceanography Self-Released
81 Schwey* Schwey 604
82 Skye Wallace*#+ Skye Wallace Self-Released
83 Blocktreat*+ After Dark Self-Released
84 Megamall*#+ Demos Self-Released
85 Hua Li*# Dynasty Outside Music
86 Baby Blue*#+ Death of Euphoria Self-Released
87 Dadweed*+ Mighty, Always Kingfisher Bluez
88 The Vicious Cycles*+ Motorcycho Pirates Press
89 Brutal Poodle*+ Crowd Control / Low Tide Kingfisher Bluez
90 Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds*#+ No Control EP Light Organ Records
91 Yawn*#+ You & I Self-Released
92 Land Line*#+ Land Line Self-Released
93 Terell Safadi*+ Trap Love and $ex Self-Released
94 Kiwi Jr.*+ Football Money Mint
95 Kristin Witko*#+ Zone of Exclusion Kingfisher Bluez
96 Chain Whip*+ 14 Lashes Sabotage Records
97 yoon*#+ Wilt Self-Released
98 Primp*#+ Mother Loose Self-Released
99 Harpdog Brown*+ For Love & Money Dog House Records
100 Minor Pieces*#+ The Heavy Steps of Dreaming FatCat Records