CiTR and Discorder’s Student Executive is Hiring a Photography & Media Executive!


CiTR’s Student Executive is hiring a Photography & Media Executive! All applicants must be currently attending the University of British Columbia. Please send applications to Halla at by November 10th!

Photography & Media Executive


  1. Prepare and provide content for the Station through the documentation of events for CiTR and Discorder.
  2. Develop and coordinate station-wide media projects as outlined in the strategic plan.
  3. Engage volunteers interested in documenting events for CiTR and Discorder.


  1. Alongside volunteers, document all CiTR and Discorder executive-produced events, including:
  • Victory Square Block Party (Late August)
  • Open House (mid September)
  • 24 Hours of Student Power (late January)
  • Fundrive Kickoff (late February – mid March)
  • Fundrive Finale (late February – mid March)
  • 1-2 exec events per semester
  1. Attends twice monthly meeting with CiTR’s Art Coordinator.
  2. Alongside volunteers, document station-wide CiTR & Discorder produced events, according to capacity.
  3. Provides insight and engages with the Media Lab Committee and the Media Lab.
  4. Work with CiTR’s Art Coordinator and the CiTR Volunteer Manager to maintain and engage with a list of volunteers interested in photography and film.
  5. Alongside volunteers and the New Media Executive, coordinate and develop long-term station-wide media projects, ex. Discorder TV, station tour video.


  1. Voting member of CiTR.
  2. Good organizational and communication skills.
  3. Interest in photography and film, including appropriate software.
  4. Self-motivated and able to motivate others.
  5. Orientation and training of successor to ease transition of position.


  1. Appointed to a one year term; April 1 to March 31
  2. Required to attend all regular and extraordinary meetings of the station executive as they occur (minimum 2 hours per week)
  3. Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours weekly.


  1. Appointed to the Executive by the elected members.
  2. Responsible to the Executive and the voting members of CiTR.


Poster by Neetu Dha.