Kunderground Newsstand


From May 5th – 22nd check out Kunderground Newsstand, an immersive installation meant to acknowledge the publication of the first issue of the Georgia Straight newspaper in Vancouver, on May 5th 1967.

KUNDERGROUND Newsstand is an exhibition of artifacts, furniture and original publications culled from a private collection of works, that is meant to transform the gallery space into an archival newsstand. In Japan of the 1950’s, there was a type of store called Kashi-hon ya, which consisted of a rental library for the general public, where people would pay a fee to borrow books, as they couldn’t afford to purchase them due to the cost of living at the time. With this in mind, visitors can experience the curated selection of underground newspapers, comix and artist publications dating from 1960 to the present, either as a throwback to an age when newsprint was the media of choice, or for a nominal fee, they are invited to peruse the selection of materials on-site, during business hours.

Collected, curated and presented by Stéphane Bernard, KUNDERGROUND Newsstand is a self-contained artistic experience looking to chart the network of links between what is commonly referred to as early ‘artist-run culture’, and what is popularly known as the ‘underground press’ movement throughout Kanada.

Logo design by Emily Nguyen.