CiTR Charts November 7, 2016


The Cyrillic Typewriter comes in first this week!



1 THE CYRILLIC TYPEWRITER*+ Your True Emblem (Jaz)

2 TANYA TAGAQ* Retribution (Six Shooter)

3 FLATBED* Death Risin’ (Spirit Rock)

4 ZOO STRATEGIES*+ Languager (Self-Released)

5 LT. FRANK DICKENS*+ Sunburned (reissue) (Jaz)

6 OFF WORLD* 1 (Constellation)

7 SUNSHINE & THE BLUE MOON* Welcome to the future (The Hand)

8 JENNY HVAL Blood Bitch (Sacred Bones Records)

9 PUZZLEHEAD*+ Fred’s Man Cave (Self-Released)

10 NOTS Cosmetic (Goner)

11 VALISKA* Healer (Bow Bottom Records)

12 THE VEILS Total Depravity (Nettwerk)

13 WREKMEISTER HARMONIES Light Falls (Thrill Jockey)

14 HILLARY SUSZ The Heart Will Jump (Self-Released)

15 MARCHING CHURCH Telling It Like It Is (Sacred Bones)

16 THE PACK A.D.*+ Positive Thinking (Cadence Music Group)

17 AVEC PAS D’CASQUE* Effets Spéciaux (Grosse Boite)

18 THE SUBMISSIVES* Do You Really Love Me? (Fixture)

19 GAL GRACEN*+ The Hard Part Begins (Disny)

20 SNEAKS Gymnastics (Merge)

21 AUTOMATISME* Momentform Accumulations (Constellation)

22 THE ARCHAICS* Soft Focus (Sweety Pie)

23 KROY Scavenger (Dare To Care)

24 BLACK MARBLE It’s Immaterial (Ghostly International)

25 ELUVIUM False Readings On (Temporary Residence)

26 A LA MODE* Perfection Salad (Self-Released)

27 THE DEAD C Trouble (Ba Da Bing!)

28 JESSE & THE DANDELIONS* True Blue (Self-Released)

29 GRAFTICIAN*+ Wander/Weave (Self-Released)

30 LATCHO DROM* Don’t Measure, Cut Yourself (Self-Released)

* is Canadian
+ is from Vancouver)