For World Refugee Day, Leo Ramirez tells his story


Leo Ramirez has hosted “The Leo Ramiez Show” on CiTR for 16 years. Until 1989, Leo Ramirez worked as a radio journalist in El Salvador. He reported on the brutal civil war that was fought between the El Salvadorian government and the rebels, and the violence that played out on the streets of San Salvador, his home, and El Salvador’s capital city. Leo was tracked by the government, interrogated, and realized he and his family had to flee the country. In 1989, Leo, his wife and 3 children came to Canada.

This year for World Refugee Day, Leo wanted to raise awareness about the experience of refugees. With 10,000 recent refugees in Canada from the Middle East and Syria, understanding the experience of refugees is more important than ever.

Leo spoke with Rohit Joseph. Here is their conversation.