VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: You Say Party’s “Sleepyhead”


Discorder Magazine and CiTR are excited to premiere the video for “Sleepyhead,” off You Say Party’s self-titled album released on Paper Bag Records in February.

“Sleepyhead” is the band’s directorial debut, shot at the creative direction of Becky Ninkovic. Speaking to this, Ninkovic states:

“Sleepyhead” started as a lullaby sang to my daughter during a YSP rehearsal in 2012.  I had a strong vision in my head of how the song related to images of my daughter’s childhood.  I remember that feeling as a child between being awake and falling asleep and I wanted to capture that in this video. Sometimes our dreams are more vivid and technicolour than our daily lives. I did not want to let someone else interpret those feelings so I grabbed camera and began filming.

The visuals start dull and serene, growing with intensity as the song builds. Close-ups of a face, forehead and hands are layered abstractly, becoming clearer and more frantic, culminating in a psychedelic expression of colour and chaos. At times intimate, other times claustrophobic, the video for “Sleepyhead” is a strong companion to a song that captures a moment that we so easily forget.

Visit You Say Party’s website for a schedule of video releases, and to view previous premieres on Quick, CBC Music, and The Fader. You can read a review of You Say Party in the March issue of Discorder, or online here.